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Welcome to MRP FC

Welcome to the official website of MRP FC, a team born out of the men's mental health charity Mr. Perfect in 2016 based in Belfield, Sydney. MRP FC is an inclusive football club that welcomes players from all backgrounds and acts as a second family to many players.

After being promoted for the third successive year, we will have a team in Division 1 in the Canterbury Division and a team in Division 6 in 2021.

Message from the President

MRP FC 2021


Well, the new season and match day 1 soon came around after the late (Covid Affected) finishing 2020 season. 


With 2021 came many changes for the club. 

The major change this year was the search for a new head coach. Ayme Melham, after leading the boys to a devastatingly convincing Div 2 title has moved to the sunny side of the world, to the UK :) We wish her, James and family all the best and can never thank her enough for her dedication, commitment, skills and being an all round great person taking the club leaps and bounds forward over the last 2 years. 


We have been lucky enough to pick up a young up and coming coach, Alex Savvides, who takes over the reigns and has a huge and exciting role to keep moving the club forward. 

Best of luck Alex!!


A big shout out to our main sponsors Strathfield Sports Club, whose continued support and generosity allows Mr Perfect and MRP FC to continue to help bring men together to create community and connection.


A huge thanks to Alex, Rob Battersby, Jake Hyde, Jason Gunning and Tom Ferguson for all their help pre season and moving into the season. Without volunteers like these boys there is no club, so again thank you so much. 


The club decided to reduce from 3 to 2 teams this year as many players have decided to take a year break and enjoy their Covid free weekend lifestyle, which we totally understand, and look forward to welcoming those boys back next year. 


So our Div 2 team has hit the highest peak of Div 1. We know this will be a challenging year and will find it tough against the best in the league but with a great coach and still over 50% of the title winning team we look to establish and stabilize ourselves in the league. 


Our Div 5 and 7 teams, with yours truly back in the coaching chair, have merged to join Div 6 where we are expecting big things and a quick march back up those leagues. 


I hope every player, coach, manager, volunteer, supporter and loved ones has a great 2021 being involved with MRP FC. 




Pete - Club President

We are always on the lookout for new players or even teams already created who are looking to find a new home. To get in contact with us click here or for all trial dates click here. 


If you'd like to sponsor the club please contact Pete Regan at

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